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L.C. Pye's journey as an author only started a few years ago, but the seeds were planted long ago. Growing up she loved to create plays with her friends, and that turned into choreographing dances as a job. And now it has turned into creating worlds of adventure and romance through her writing. L.C. eagerly awaits for you to share in the adventure with her.

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YA Fantasy


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Meet L.c. Pye

L.C. Pye is a debut YA fantasy author, who published her ​first novel, The Calling, May 2023. Which was ranked as a ​#1 new release on Amazon.

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Answering the calling may be the last thing she does.

For thirty years, the people of Landore have been segregated by the five ​callings, living in disunity and isolation.

But for 18-year-old Talia Caffrey choosing one of the five is her hope at ​finding a place in a society that has rejected her. When her best friend, ​Jules, is kidnapped on the eve of her calling ceremony, everything ​changes. She walks away from her chance at belonging, becoming a ​fugitive who must hide her true self.

Talia’s life becomes even more complicated when she encounters seven ​strangers who challenge everything she has ever known. Making her ​realize that there are more secrets in her kingdom than the ones she ​carries. And when one hostile but attractive member of the group ​becomes determined to uncover her secrets, she must hide more of ​herself to stay safe.

Will Talia be able to find Jules? Will she be able to return home after ​becoming a fugitive? Will she ever find her place to belong?

Perfect for fans of The Selection, Divergent, and The Remnant ​Chronicles. Get swept away in a coming-of-age story filled with secrets, ​adventure, and a clean slow-burn romance.

There is more to be discovered in The Finding, the sequel to the best-​selling YA fantasy novel The Calling.

Uncovering the truth might be more than they bargained for.

Outcast turned princess, Talia may not be subject to the calling anymore, ​but her fate is no longer her own.

King Madden’s plans to turn her into the lost princess will cost Talia more ​than her freedom. With no one to turn to and the king threatening to beat ​her into submission, Talia needs to decide how much she is willing to ​sacrifice. But will it be enough?

Thief turned warrior, Raph spent the past seven years running from his ​past and making amends for his failings, but now he must confront his ​demons head-on.

Saving the kidnapped women was the start to uncovering what the king ​was up to. Using old contacts, Raph and his comrades work to unravel the ​king's plans, and do whatever it takes to stop them. But old acquaintances ​change everything, and Raph must choose whether he will follow his heart ​or the mission.

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L.C. Pye is a debut YA fantasy author, who just published her first novel, The Calling, this year. Which was ranked as a #1 new release on Amazon.

L.C. has spent her adult years searching for her calling in this life, always jumping from one new adventure to the next, never sure if it was what she was supposed to be doing. That was until one night, when she was given a dream that she knew had to be written down and shared with the world. Now that dream has become a physical book and has started her along this journey of being a published author.

Currently, she lives in South Carolina with her husband, little boy, and fur baby named Ollie. She is also working hard on finishing book 2 by the end of the year, and she can't wait to share it with her anxious readers!

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